Hopwas Wood update as at September 2016

The following notification has been received from Major Salisbury at the MoD:

The works that were planned to be undertaken within Hopwas wood have in the main been completed. 

Some minor works are still in progress but these will be able to be completed without any impact upon Public access.  

This is good news as it means I am able now to open the area of Hopwas Wood to full Public access. Any future closure will be when the ranges will be in use and will be notified by firing times and local media outlets.

 That was the good news, unfortunately our review of the main ranges has shown we still have some corrective works to complete. This will ensure we are able to carry out Military firing safely with no risk to the Public or ourselves.

 The area of the main ranges will continue to remain closed until we are able to complete the corrective works and has been closed via the County Council until the 1st October 2016.  This will include the Bridleway that crosses the ranges meaning there will be no access what so ever via the ranges to where the bridleway enters Hopwas Hay Lane track into the Hopwas Woods area.

 Areas within the range complex continue to be worked upon and are marked out of bounds as we continue to carry out the necessary works.  Be aware please of the notices in place and adhere to the information given to ensure we keep everybody safe. 

The bridleway from the White house will remain open for Public access at all times.

 I will continue to keep you fully up to speed on any developments as they arise.

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