Report of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 20th. April. Thank you to those members who sent in their apologies. There was a disappointing attendance particularly as the speakers were from the Ministry of Defence (MoD). That said the presentation was both interesting and informative. The MoD have been installing signage and flags in the Wood to warn the public that firing may be in progress on the ranges and access to the Wood will be prohibited. The work should have been completed by the end of April but due to weather and other operating issues the work will not now be completed until the end of the May. Because of limited training facilities access to the MoD part of the Wood will be closed at least two weekends a month and is likely to be used two or three times each week. Every effort is being made to make sure that the public are aware of when the closures will take place through public notices, the Village Voice and notification to individuals via email. If you wish to be notified send your email address to 
The Wigginton and Hopwas Parish Council have produced the Wigginton, Hopwas and Comberford Neighbourhood Area which has now been examined and found to be sound and will shortly be subject of a referendum to accept the Plan and if more than 50% vote `Yes` the Plan will be adopted. Importantly for the Friends there is a policy to protect the Wood in perpetuity as ancient woodland which will be a key policy consideration should any development proposals be submitted to the Planning Authority.
As reported in the recent newsletter, Tarmac has been acquired by an Irish building company CRH plc. Having enquired of Tarmac as to what CRHs position is on the Wood they have stated that nothing specific has been considered to date and that this is unlikely to change in the near future. This will be closely monitored. The current state of Tarmacs landholding at Hopwas remains unchanged.
The current Committee was elected for another year and the subscriptions remain the same i.e. £5, which will be collected in September. The number of members currently stands at 103. If anyone has any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman at 
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