Minerals Local Plan September 2013

Staffordshire County Council has now commenced the preparation of a new Minerals Local Plan. The new Plan, when adopted, will replace their current plan. The new Plan will set out the vision, objectives and spatial strategy for future mineral related development within Staffordshire over the next 15 years.

The current timetable is as follows:


Prepare the Local Aggregate Assessment, the Statement of Community Involvement and the Scoping Report March to June 2013
Notify key participants on commencement of Plan (Reg. 18) July 2013
Consult on Draft Plan (Reg. 18) November 2013
Consult on Proposed Submission Draft Plan (Reg.19) September 2014
Submit Plan for examination to the Secretary of State January 2015
Adopt the Plan (Reg.26) January 2016

This will be a key area that the Committee will be involved with and if you want to keep up-to-date with the situation please visit:


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