Thinning Programme: Update March 2013

The thinning works being carried out by Lafarge Tarmac, their new name, have now been completed and it is understood that no further works will be carried out in the Wood under the current licence. Some additional works has been done along the boundary with residential properties and trees have been planted in the area near the main entrance to the Wood off the A51. Some concern has been raised over the general condition of the Wood floor following the felling as a consequence of the very wet ground conditions and the use of heavy vehicles. Tarmac has confirmed that they will be carrying out a small amount of ground reinstatement when ground conditions are more suitable.

Concerns have been raised with Tarmac relating to the fact that the felling has not been carried out in strict accordance with the licence issued by the Forestry Commission. Tarmacs` response to this was that the matter had been referred back to Jim Unwin who is their professional advisor who had acknowledged that he had made an arithmetical error on the table attached to the licence application. Tarmac has discussed this with the Forestry Commission who, in admitting that they had not spotted the error, does not believe that a contravention of the licence intentions has been committed.

With respect to the works proposed by the Ministry of Defence their Regional Head Forester has confirmed that these works have been put on hold until he is satisfied that it would be in the long term interest of the wood as part of an agreed long term management plan.

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